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Understanding the Active and Inert Ingredients of The Colon Vitamin

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Posted By Dr. Farrell

The Colon Vitamin PillsThe Colon Vitamin contains ingredients shown in scientific studies to promote colon health. These active ingredients are discussed in prior blog posts and include calcium, vitamin D, beta carotene, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, folate, selenium, and curcumin. There are also inert (inactive) ingredients contained in The Colon Vitamin tablet that are important in making the tablets perform their intended function. I will give a sport analogy to this concept of including inert ingredients. For a sports team to succeed, you need players who do the active work. You also need a manager, coaches, and support staff to make it all work effectively. The players do the actual work on the field and are analogous to the active ingredients in The Colon Vitamin. The manager, coaches, and support staff are analogous to the inert ingredients in The Colon Vitamin–that is, they help the players succeed but in fact never are involved in the active work in the field.

The Colon Vitamin is a product that was years in the making. Much thought and research went into theformulation of the final product. To manufacture any dietary supplement or medication, inert ingredients are needed in addition to the active ingredients to make the tablets function as they are intended. These inert ingredients are benign, non-reactive, and do not provide any health benefit. They are included for purposes of binding the active ingredients and creating a tablet that will perform as it is intended. This includes being able to create a solid tablet that is the proper size (not too small or too large) and that survives the bottling and storage process, has an adequate shelf life, and then delivers the active ingredients to the right places in the intestines where these active ingredients can perform their benefits. See how it works here. These inert ingredients are found in many supplements, medications, and dietary items. The inert ingredients contained in The Colon Vitamin are listed on the product packaging and also listed on both bottles.The Colon Vitamin For Optimal Colon Health

It is also important to know what is not contained in The Colon Vitamin. The Colon Vitamin does not contain: gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast, artificial colors, artificial flavors, gelatin, or shellfish. The Colon Vitamin is vegan which means it does not contain any animal products. More information on The Colon Vitamin is available here.

The Colon Vitamin is manufactured in the U.S. The manufacturer utilizes the best manufacturing practices available. Quality control is extremely important to our company. I welcome any questions about our product here.

Here’s to your colon health!

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