The Colon Vitamin Q&A

What is in The Colon Vitamin?

The Colon Vitamin contains the following micronutrients and antioxidants:
Beta-Carotene, Vitamin D, Vitamin B-2, Vitamin B-6, Folic Acid, Calcium, Selenium, and Curcumin.

Why are there two tablets?

Our unique formula requires two separate tablets, a white and yellow tablet, to take into account the different mechanism of actions of the ingredients.  All of the ingredients in the yellow tablet work by being absorbed in the small intestine where they enter the bloodstream to exert their beneficial effect.  The white tablet releases calcium at a pH of 7.0 which is the pH of the end of the small intestine and beginning of the colon to allow the calcium to bind to fatty acids and bile acids to promote colon health.  This special delivery mechanism of calcium is patent pending.  The Colon Vitamin is essentially a smart vitamin.

Can I just take an over-the-counter multivitamin instead of The Colon Vitamin?

The Colon Vitamin contains micronutrients and antioxidants in the specific amounts that have been shown in the scientific literature to promote colon health. Most over-the-counter multivitamins contain amounts of these ingredients that are below the concentrations shown to be beneficial in promoting colon health. Moreover, only The Colon Vitamin delivers part of the dose of calcium directly to the colon where it can exert it beneficial effects. See a comparison break-down with current multivitamins here.

Can I take an over-the-counter multivitamin along with The Colon Vitamin?

Yes, virtually every leading over-the-counter multivitamin does not contain excessive amounts of any of the ingredients that are found in The Colon Vitamin. The total amounts of the ingredients when you combine a typical over-the-counter multivitamin and The Colon Vitamin are well within the range that is considered safe.

The only ingredient that might be a concern is the total daily intake of calcium.  It is not advisable for patients to take in excess of 2 grams of elemental calcium per day (equivalent to 5 grams of calcium carbonate or 9.5 grams of calcium citrate).  It is very unlikely that you will exceed 2 grams of elemental calcium if you are taking The Colon Vitamin and a typical over-the-counter multivitamin.  If you have kidney or parathyroid disease, your upper limit of daily calcium intake might be less.  If you have either kidney or parathyroid disease, or if you are taking an over-the-counter calcium supplement, you should discuss your use of The Colon Vitamin with your healthcare provider.

Is The Colon Vitamin safe to take with my other prescription medications?

The ingredients in The Colon Vitamin are unlikely to cause any significant interaction with prescription medications.

If you are taking a prescription of Folic Acid (e.g. Folvite) or vitamin D (e.g. Hectorol, Zemplar, or calcitriol), you should discuss your use of The Colon Vitamin with your healthcare provider.

Why is aspirin not an ingredient of The Colon Vitamin?

Aspirin has been shown in multiple scientific studies to reduce the risk of colon cancer and colon polyp formation. However, aspirin is associated with an increased risk of gastrointestinal bleeding and hemorrhagic stroke, especially with long-term use. The US Preventive Services Task Force concluded that the adverse effects outweighed the benefits of aspirin for the prevention of colorectal cancer in asymptomatic adults who are at average risk for colorectal cancer. For this reason, aspirin was not included in The Colon Vitamin.

For patients at high-risk for colon cancer, aspirin use may be appropriate. If you are at high-risk for colon cancer, you should discuss the use of aspirin with your healthcare provider.

Can I take The Colon Vitamin if I’m on chemotherapy or receiving radiation therapy?

The use of antioxidants during chemotherapy or radiation therapy is controversial. Scientific studies show conflicting results; some show no adverse effect while others suggest an adverse effect. The concern is primarily a theoretical concern. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy kill cancer cells in part by producing free radicals which damage the DNA of cancer cells. Antioxidants have the ability to interact and neutralize free radicals which theoretically would minimize the damaging effects of the free radicals on the DNA of cancer cells. There is evidence that antioxidants can actually protect normal tissues from the damaging effects of chemotherapy or radiation therapy without compromising their effects on cancer cells. You should discuss the use of The Colon Vitamin with your healthcare provider if you are receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy.